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Our seniors

Our dream was to help, above all, eldery dogs and senior dogs who were cruelly hurt by their fate. We present to you our old friends


Spencer is a 13-year-old senior who has spent the last 5 years alone in a shelter. He once had a fight with another dog about female and that’s how the label of „aggressor” remained.
In fact, Spencer is a lovable big old man who has problems with joints and movement. He follows a person step by step, subtly and delicately asking for contact, mishandling and company.
He is a beautiful and majestic giant who will be looking for a house with a garden and no stairs.
He is currently learning to live with a resident dog, with whom he communicates every day.


Dareczek is 13 years old, 12 of which he spent in a shelter. He fought his whole life for survival, food and some peace. A shelter is not a place for such an old man.
Darek learns everything from scratch, but he does it very quickly. He has poor eyesight and hearing, and the teeth need to be removed.
He is gentle, delicate, weighs 15 kg and mainly sleeps.


Jeżynka spent 10 years in the shelter, all her life …

She is gentle and requires a patient and calm human who will show her that life can be completely different. Jeżynka has sad eyes of an unloved dog, and the tail wags her very shyly.

Despite all the harm the man has done to her, she looks at him, hoping that all this is not just a dream.

TINA (age 15) - ADOPTED

15-year-old Tina was saved by the „Koty pod Bloku” foundation during the cat intervention … Her human died, the rest is known …
The girl weighs about 15 kg and has a problem with walking. By feeding her human food and a handful of analgesic tabs, she has gut inflammation.
He is on a special diet and is currently under 24h care.


Probably Krystian spent his whole life on a chain locked in a dark shed. Despite the harm done to him by man, he is an oasis of peace and gentleness. He loves to cuddle, is grateful for every serving of food, and turns it over and accosting a person.

Krystian goes for long walks every day, keeping in good shape.

He keeps his home clean and communicates his needs beautifully. He doesn’t pay attention to other dogs.


Beatka ended up in the shelter in a state of extreme exhaustion. The senior woman didn’t even have the strength to stay on her paws.

The shelter is not a place for senior dogs, especially if they are sick. The old woman is currently undergoing diagnostics to determine her health.

She is very friendly and loved to people. He does not pay any attention to other animals. At home, however, most of the time, he sleeps when he finds it possible, looking for food. Unfortunately, we suspect that she wandered for a long time without help.


Wituś has been homeless for a long time, his story, like most old dogs, is unknown. It is possible that he spent years on the chain, and when he was no longer needed, his master let him go „slowly”. He came to us from a shelter in Jastrzębie.

Wituś has a hearing loss and sleeps for three quarters of a day, sometimes he comes to scratch on his own or just for the company and then returns politely to himself.

He doesn’t bark at all, unless he eats his dinner too quickly, then he makes vague noises for 15 minutes. He is very gentle with everyone.


Ido is a very calm and slow gentleman. As befits his mature age, he mainly sleeps. It is energy-saving, but from time to time it makes a round of the apartment, checks the number of household members and returns to its lair.

He does not get involved in any scandals with his peers or pay too much attention to his surroundings. He does not like cats, or is a little afraid of them. We don’t know what happened to him before, but he generally recedes.


Gutek wandered around the village for several winter weeks. He was taken home in very poor condition.

He has a good appetite and loves long walks. He willingly sits on his lap, cuddles up in his hands and asks for strokes, if he trusts, he also likes to be carried on his hands.

He gets along nicely with dogs and cats, as long as they do not look into his bowl.

PYSIEK (age 10) - RIP

Pysiek came to us from the shelter in Jastrzębie. Unfortunately, we have no information about his previous life. However, looking at this pooch, we can only guess how his story unfolded in his old age …

It is hard to find a calmer and gentler dog than Pyśek. He is an exceptional Miziak and loves to be petted. It is a balanced and very pro-human dog. She shows no aggression towards dogs.

ZOSIA (age 15) - ADOPTED

Zosia was found in a state of extreme exhaustion. Only skin and bones with a total weight of 3.3 kg … The red-haired lady cannot see, hardly hears at all and is so weak that she can barely walk.

Zosia eats only wet food due to the terrible condition of her teeth and takes medications.

He is a wonderful, tiny pooch that requires constant care.

MERRY (age 15) - ADOPTED

Merry had more bad luck in her life than most dogs put together.

She used to have a house and loving caregivers, but when their situation changed, the dog ceased to be a friend and became a problem.

After they got rid of her, she found herself in very irresponsible hands, where they thought neither about the health of the dog, nor even about feeding it … let’s forgive the rest …

SARA (age 12) - ADOPTED

Sarah’s story is sad. The human died, family put her  a chain around her neck, then she end it up in a shelter … 

Her character absolutely does not reflect her age. She is active, mobile, joyful and very positive about the world. She loves playing with people, tasks to be performed, learning commands.

Walks nice on a leash and no problem with other dogs. He lets you know if he needs to leave.


Zgredek is a very sick old man who probably came to us at the last minute.
Our senior sleeps a lot during the day and sleeps all night. Walking is easy, but short and very slow. I accept other dogs.

The greatest joy (despite the bad condition of his teeth) comes from mashing delicacies.
Zgedek has arthrosis and crooked feet. He also has heart problems, we are already giving medications. He also gets appetite because the pooch is severely underweight.

LEJDI (age 10) - ADOPTED

We would like to say that they had a great life … but well … Lejdi is another bitch who had bad luck in her life. Lejdi suffered a tragedy. Her Lord was gone and she was completely alone. Unfortunately, no one from the family wanted to take care of her and so ies, who spent his whole life with his beloved guardian, ended up in the cold box.

Lejdi is a cheerful and energetic female who gets along perfectly with other dogs.

DROPI (age 12) - ADOPTED

He ended up in a shelter after wandering around the neighborhood. How did the blind dog get there? Why wasn’t anyone looking for him? It is not known.

It must have had an owner once. He likes contact with people, stroking. He walks very nicely on a leash, does not tear himself away, he takes care of all the needs outside. Accepts other dogs.

At home, he sleeps a lot, sleeps all night, and takes naps during the day. He loves to chew on treats.


Donald is a calm, quiet and sick old man. The presence of even a large number of dogs does not impress him, and in difficult moments cheers him up. On the other hand, home and man are something that scares him, to which he has to get used to and trust.

Fortunately, he is an attentive observer and quickly catches who what and where … and if not for this piercing fear of touching and caressing, he would quickly reduce the distance. His behavior and fear are magnified by poor eyesight and hearing, and probably the accompanying pain.

GARY (age 12) - ADOPTED

He is very calm and not yet sure of human contact, he slowly opens up to living in the house and taking walks. He shows curiosity and willingly explores the apartment, but when he sees a man, he still flies on the couch.

He would like to spend the whole day on the couch or in his lair, because, as everyone knows, rest and regeneration are very important. At the moment, she appreciates the soft corner and peace of mind.

MISIA (age 15) - ADOPTED

Misia gets along with the cats and the dog and does not cause any problems. She is friendly to everyone, but takes a moment to be trusted.

He keeps the house clean. He is still wary on a leash outside. He simply needs time to get used to the area, although he likes to run back home. It is a low maintenance dog because its main occupation is sleeping.