❤❤❤ … everyone thinks they have the greatest dog in the world …… and everyone is right … ❤❤❤ Adopting a dog is a commitment for several years.

Are you ready for a pet?

✅ adopting a pet is a commitment for several years
✅ the pet requires daily walks regardless of the weather
✅ a pet needs attention, play and work
✅ a pet must be socialized, trained and brought up
✅ a pet cannot sit alone all day
✅ a pet must be vaccinated once a year
✅ if your pet is sick, you must take it to the vet
✅ a pet does not take leave for a human
✅ a pet will not travel with you on a business trip
✅ a pet costs: food, vaccinations, care, possible treatment
✅ a pet drools, leaves hair everywhere and makes a mess
✅ a pet may damage your shoes or apartment elements
✅ some household members may be allergic to animal factors

👉 If all of the above are clear and you are ready for a dog, then we invite you to our FB group: Psiaki z PAKI_Adopcje psów Trójmiasto.

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