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What we do

We do everything to improve the quality of animals’ life, fight their homelessness and, above all, to give the rescued animals a wonderful life.

Adoption advice

Conscious adoption of an animal is a very important decision, so it is important to choose the right four-legged friend for new guardians and new guardians for the four-legged friend.


All our puppies deserve a second chance from life. The adoption process is aimed at finding them the best carers.

We are looking for permanent, loving and responsible homes in the Tri-City and surrounding areas.


We perfectly understand the important part in helping pets is education and making people aware of homelessness, castration and the pets safety.

We help

We not only save animals, but also support other Pomeranian organizations or shelters that are also not indifferent to the fate of our smaller brothers.

Only by working together we can do more.

Behavioral tips

Professional behavioral advice and consultation. If you have a problem with your pet’s behavior, contact us, describe the problem and we will try to help.

We invite you to take advantage of free advice after the adoption process.