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Who we are

The Paka dla Zwierzaka Association was established on August 21, 2020 and it is 100% volunteering.

Each of us has a different history, knowledge and experience. It turned out that when we put it all together, we created something special where dogs are always the center of attention.

During the 3rd edition of the annual auction, there was Kinga and her foster homes. At the stage of negotiating the needs, we already knew that there is chemistry between the three of us, which happens very rarely.

Immediately after the action was completed and settled, we joined forces and thus created a network of temporary houses in the Tri-City.

In 2017, Marta adopted the first dog from the shelter, which, as it later turned out, was very anxious and his past was a nightmare. Seeing how, under the influence of work, patience and love, the dog changes and learns to trust people again, she decided to help with the adoption of more homeless people. As a volunteer at the shelter, she organized campaigns promoting adoptions, donation collections and charity events. Two years after the adoption of her first dog, Marta took another fearful homeless dog under her wing.

However, it was not enough. Together with Monika, they decided to open an association in order to be able to help those who do not have a voice on a larger scale.

Marta used to play volleyball as a pro and later completed her MBA studies at Lund University in Sweden. She decided to use her knowledge and experience gained on various levels to help homeless animals.

Monika has always loved animals. Unfortunately, she was one of those who were afraid to cross the gate of the shelter. There came a moment in life where she decided to break the barrier. It turned out that the devil is not so terrible. Her heart did not break at the sight of all those dogs behind bars, on the contrary, from that moment on she decided to do everything to help them. She stayed as a volunteer at the shelter, but that was not enough. She wanted both the dogs and herself to compensate for the lost time.

Monika graduated cynological studies at the SWPS University in Sopot. He reads tons of books and acquires knowledge at numerous courses and webinars. It is safe to say that she was born to be a behaviorist.

Running the Paka dla Zwierzaka Association, she saves dogs and her mission is to choose a dog for the future owner and help in proper care of the dog. It teaches people how to live and „talk” to a dog.

Kinga has been helping homeless animals for over 11 years. Initially, it acted as a temporary home, cooperating with numerous foundations from all over Poland. For her efforts to combat homelessness, she was awarded a scholarship at the SILVA LUPUS Non-Public Training Center, which she graduated with the title of: dog trainer and zoopsychologist.

Already during her education, she started working with anxiety and wild dogs. Kinga completed many courses related to socialization and education of dogs. All her activities were aimed at helping dogs and reducing their homelessness.

Kinga pulled dozens of sick, withdrawn and behavioral dogs from shelters. Thanks to intensive socialization work, all of them are doing great in their new homes. He also has many charity actions for shelters and animal aid programs, which could be seen in the media.