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Adoption process

STAGE I – pre-adoption survey

✅ Everyone who would like to adopt a pet must complete an adoption survey first CLICK HERE 
✅ We reserve the right to contact only selected people

STAGE II – Interview and / or pre-adoption visit

✅ Before the adoption takes place, we want to meet the future owners and check if the dog they chose will actually fit them
✅ A pre-adoption visit does not mean that the pet will be released for adoption

STAGE III – Getting to know the pet

✅ You should find out about the pet’s health status and any further recommendations regarding its care, nutrition and treatment

STAGE IV – Signing the adoption contract

✅ Pets may only be adopted by adults (18+)
✅On the day of adoption you must have an ID on you

STAGE V – Adoption / picking up the dog

✅ New owners should have a carrier or be prepared to pick up and transport the pet’s safely
✅ When adopting an adult pet, new owners are required to have an anti-escape harness and a leash. If they do not have them, they have to pay the equivalent to organization account