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Before adoption

Are you ready to have an animal?

✅ adoption of a pet is a commitment for many years
✅ pets require daily walks regardless of the weather
✅ pets need attention, to play and to work
✅ pets must be socialized, trained and raised
✅ pets cannot sit alone all day
✅ pets must be vaccinated once a year
✅ when pets are sick, it must be taken to the vet
✅ pets do not take leave for a human
✅ pets will not go with you on a business trip
✅ pets usually cost: food, vaccinations, care, possible treatment
✅ pets drool, leave hair everywhere, and makesa mess
✅ pets may damage your shoes and apartment
✅ some household members may be allergic to pet factors

Are you sure, you are ready for adoption?
How to prepare for arrival of the new family member?
✅ you should get to known the pet before adoption
✅ it is worth talking to a behaviorist
✅ you need to know his health, history and behavior
✅ you should get the necessary things before the adoption
What should you buy before adoption?

✅ ID tag with your phone number
✅ dog bed
✅ anti-leakage harness
✅ absorbent house-training pads for puppies
✅ collar / harness and leash
✅ training rope (if required for exercise)
✅ good quality food (we advise against buying food in local supermarkets like Biedronka, Lidl and other markets)
✅ toys, teethers, balls (at the discretion)
✅ variety of treats for training