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We want to provide our pupils with professional care, wholesome food and supplements, which is why we work with the best.

Since 1968, Royal Canin has been working to make dog and cat food their „first-line choice”. In doing so, it tries to make the world a better place for companion animals.
They always put the needs of animals first. Their goal is to create precise nutritional solutions tailored to the individual needs of dogs and cats, promoting their health and well-being.

VetExpert team creates high-quality diagnostic tests, care products, veterinary diets and supplements. They are used by thousands of veterinarians, breeders and animal keepers in over 20 countries.

SAFE-ANIMAL is an international database of animals and their owners. It is the only database that directly cooperates with the largest Polish cities where dog and cat tagging programs are implemented. These include: Warsaw, Poznań, Łódź, Bytom, Szczecin, Ruda Śląska, Kraków. SAFE-ANIMAL maintains the largest and most up-to-date database in Poland.

Przychodnia Weterynaryjna Zwierzyniec was established in February 2007 and specializes in the treatment of companion animals.
Since 2010, the Clinic help also has the Ciapkowo Shelter for Homeless Animals in Gdynia, and from 2020 the Paka dla Zwierzaka Association.

Mustaf Medical is a company that produces disposable articles for medicine and cosmetics. It was created on the basis of the Mustaf company operating in Poland since 1993. One of the first companies in the country to produce disposable products for dentistry and medicine.

Paulina and her four-legged life companion Alek form a harmonious duo under the name of Woof House Photography. They help us and take beautiful photos of our foster dogs.

Psyjaciele is a 24/7 dogs care  at home – from one day to several months. Friendly dogs stay together and have access to anywhere in the house and garden.

Green Pharm is a company that was founded on the awareness of the potential of cannabis. Through the online store, vending machines and sales displays, it sells high-quality certified hemp products. The company is dynamically developing and expanding both its substantive background on hemp as well as a proven and valuable assortment. Its offer includes products containing CBD such as oils, transdermal patches, capsules, oils for animals, droughts, hash, a wide range of care products and food products.

FIZJOZEN small animals rehabilitation center – from hamster to horse! Rehabilitation, physiotherapy and natural medicine for small animals, which will help every pet regain the joy of life.

Less words – more communication. Communication – not control.
Karolina from Kraina Petopii is guided by these principles when working with dogs, both in terms of group and individual classes, as well as consultations. We base our success in working with dogs on the relationship, bond and trust of the dog to the guardian. In everyday work, we build the dog’s competences, self-control and self-confidence, and we treat training as an element of deepening the relationship.

Grande Finale is a Polish family business based in Gdańsk, operating since 2005. The priority is for the animals to be properly secured and to recover in comfort. They produce clothes, collars, dressings, bags, muzzles, oxygen therapy products. Listening to the voices of veterinarians, in cooperation with them, they constantly create new products. All production takes place at the headquarters in Gdańsk, when purchasing raw material for production, they make every effort to ensure that this raw material comes from Europe and is of the highest quality.

Safepet.eu is the manufacturer of probably the most detailed and interesting id in the world. However, this is not just another pet tag for a dog or cat. In the event that your beloved pet goes missing, the „Pet ID” will provide the finder with much more relevant information. You can provide additional contact methods, medical information, your dog’s or cat’s disposition, dietary needs, etc. directly on it or via the website.