The power of a temporary home is huge:

✅ Retreated dogs open up and show the first signs of trust
✅ Anxiety dogs begin to build a relationship with humans and step out of their comfort zone
✅ Non-adoptive shelter dogs find homes
✅ Chained rural dogs learn to live at home and socialize

In the foster home, we learn the dog, its behavior and show him what it means to love a man, his own bowl and bed. We learn how the dog reacts to:
✅ Driving a car
✅ Vet visits
✅ Other dogs and cats
✅ Children
✅ Walking on a leash
✅ The sounds of the city

Everything that is obvious for some people in normal everyday life …… is not for a dog wita a „past”. However, the second chance for such a dog is everything. For you, the satisfaction of helping a homeless dog in which you can observe changes with the naked eye, the growing trust in humans and the joy of life is priceless. Become a foster home and give the dog a second chance for a better tomorrow. ❤